To play Champions Online you must first download the powerful Perfect World Entertainment gaming platform Arc. Your Champions Online download will initiate once the Arc installation is complete.

What is Arc?

Arc brings together the best online gaming experiences from Perfect World Entertainment onto one easy-to-use platform.

Manage Your Worlds

Seamlessly install, update, and launch into your favorite online games all in one place. Check out and download other Perfect World Entertainment games in an extremely easy-to-use interface.

Be in the Know

Receive the latest news across games with embedded updates from the Arc.

Access the Web

Arc's In-Game Overlay with fully functional web browser; take control over the Internet to review the forums and gloat over your Core Connect Achievements

Stay Connected

Check out what your friends are playing and connect with them on Arc's built-in messenger.

View more info on Arc Uninstall

System Requirements

If the system doesn't meet the requirements of the game, the game will either not run at all or give a less-than-desirable performance. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, we recommend that you meet the following settings:

Operating System
Windows© XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Intel© Pentium© 4 at 1GHz, (Mid to High Range Dual-Core 2.5GHz CPU or better recommended.)
1GB of RAM (2GB or more recommended for XP, 3GB or more for Windows Vista and Windows 7)
Hard Disk
8GB Free HD Space
Graphic Display
3D video chipset with pixel and vertex shader model 1.3 supported. GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB or ATI Radeon 8500 64MB or newer for Windows XP. For Windows Vista and 7, a GeForce FX 5200 128MB or ATI Radeon 9500 128MB or newer is needed.
Sound Drivers
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Broadband Internet connection

The game client is a large file and may take several hours to download. Broadband Internet required. For answers to many common questions and answers to your questions, please visit our Forum, or Customer Support for additional help.

Antivirus/Firewall/Security Software Notice:

If you have problems downloading, installing, patching or running the game, please see the support website for your software about how to add files exceptions for our game. If you have issues with any Norton programs, please disable Sonar. If you have issues with other security programs, check out our info on our Forum here.